FM Wireless Microphones, Receivers and Speakers

Our wireless microphones and powered speakers are suitable for a wide range of applications such as guided tours, schools, seminars or meetings, product demonstrations, speeches, places of worship, exercise classes etc.
The standard products from UnivoxAudio operate in the free to air Channel 70 (863 – 864.99 MHz) where there are 16 discrete frequencies, also called channels (1-16 ) to choose from.
No installation is needed and the system can be moved between different premises or used outdoors. If you forget to charge the batteries, you can easily replace them with standard batteries for the performance.

The products, transmitters, receivers, microphones , speakers and accessories are all available separately but can also be purchased as part of a system.
Products operating in different frequency ranges are also available, but a liscence will be required

The prices featured in this collection are all Recommended Retail Prices and exclude VAT.  If you are a system integrator or installer please contact us to open a Trade Account.

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