Loop Amplifiers

UnivoxAudio Is the exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland of the World leading Univox brand of hearing (induction) loop amplifiers.The product range is extensive covering applications from in home and personal use to professional large area systems, counter systems and system for transport.

Our extensive range of professional induction loop amplifiers are backed by a 5 year warranty and are fully compliant with all relevant standards.
They range from small counter loop systems to powerful large area Perimeter loop and Super Loop (Phased Array) amplifiers. With our technical support and design software we can help you design and select the right equipment for your application
All of our Amplifiers deliver outstanding performance, high stability and reliable operation . Where ultra-low spill control, almost 3D coverage and metal loss compensation capability is required the Super Loop system range is an obvious choice.
For temporary use our P-Loop ll Portable system is in a league of its own

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