AT 100 Audio guide player

AT100 Audio Guide Player (Price Excludes VAT- )

  • £19128

AT-100 Audio Guide Player, with 2GB SD memory provides CD quality audio play back for up to 32 languages and 2000 minutes play time.

The AT-100 has a robust, erganomic housing for durability and comfort. Designed for the 'Self Tour' it has an explicit easy to use interface. By inputting preset numbers marked by each exhibit the user can access the appropriate commentary . With 2 stereo output jacks, 2 peole can share the same experience.

The commentary is loaded onto each handset using the ATC-110U uploader. This uploader is suitable for uploading and charging up to 10 handsets simultaneously.

A 10 unit and 50 unit charger are also available, ATC-110 and ATC-150 respectively


  • Up to 32 Languages
  • Up to 950 messages per Language
  • Easy to use interface
  • Built in Speaker (also supports headphones)
  • Robust polycarbonate construction


  • Pre-recorded guided tours
  • Audio Guide
  • Tour Guide

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