EH101 Personal communicator with built in T-coil and neck loop Price Excludes VAT

  • £17200

EH-101 is a multi function personal listener and can be used with headphones or a neck loop, with a T-coil enabled hearing aid or without. (This version is sipplied with a neck loop)

If you have a hearing aid with a T-coil then use the EH-101 to get closer to the conversation. With the neck loop plugged in and your hearing aid switched to T use the high sensitivity and positional freedom of the microphone to hear and participate in the full conversation.

No Hearing aid, then use the headphones supplied to follow the conversation with the microphone or, by Switching the loop receiver in the EH-101 on, take advantage of the thousands of induction loops installed throughout the UK and the World. Hear at your church, the cinema, theatre, station, shop and more.

If you want to listen to your MP3 player or make a telephone call but normally struggle to hear, connect it to the EH-101 and take advantage of the extra amplification that the unit delivers. For improved listening pleasure, the EH-101 has a coating that dampens handling noise, and a tone control.


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  • Help to hear conversations
  • Help to hear MP3 player and other personal audio equipment.
  • Help to hear telephone conversations
  • Access to hearing Loop Systems ( induction loops) throughout the World without a hearing aid.



  • High Gain Microphone
  • Unobtrusive Design
  • Includes Neck Loop
  • Battery Powerd


  • Personal Use at Meetings
  • Personal use for 1 to a few conversations

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