IR Receiver (Price Excludes VAT- In the trade? Contact us)

IR Receiver (Price Excludes VAT- In the trade? Contact us)

  • £13659

Univox IR system is ideal for wireless, secure assistive listening in boardrooms, houses of worship, cinema theatres, courtrooms, elderly homes, auditoriums and class rooms etc.

Univox infrared systems offer high quality audio with two mono channels or single channel stereo operation for supreme audio quality. The powerful transmitter features 72 IR-diodes for large coverage and high performance.

The IR assistive listening systems are quick and easy to install and will not spill over to adjacent rooms which makes them ideal when zero bleeding is required.

The charger stations hold extra batteries. If a receiver runs out, the battery can quickly be changed without the unit having to be recharged.

This product is the IR receiver only.



  • IR transparent case for wider scope of coverage and greater sensitivity
  • Lithium Polymer battery for quick charging and light weight
  • 2 mono channels or 1 stereo
  • Commercial grade casing for durability
  • Lanyard or pocket spring clip on back to wear in a variety of ways
  • Slide volume and channel selection for simple operation
  • Can be used with either Univox neck loop or headphones

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