Loop Listener With Headphones         (Price Excludes VAT- In the trade? Contact us)

Loop Listener With Headphones (Price Excludes VAT- In the trade? Contact us)

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The Univox Listener is a stylish loop receiver, and field strength tester in one. With its built-in speaker and concentric yellow/green LED indicator, it is ideal for making a quick quality assessment of the performance of a loop system as set out in the Loop performance standard IEC60118-4:2006.

By listening to the audio, the venue manager can assess the quality of the audio from the loop system and, by referring to the LED, check that the field strength is within the specified range. Green indicates that the loop field strength satisfies the international standard IEC 60118-4, whilst a yellow LED indicates that the loop is operational but the field strength is low.

For anyone who needs hearing assistance and wishes to listen via the induction loop, head phones can be plugged into the audio jack. For comfort, the Univox loop listener is attached to a lanyard and can be worn round the neck.

The IEC standard recommends the routine testing of induction loop systems.

The Univox Listener is an essential, inexpensive tool for any facility where induction loop systems are installed and a practical aid for hard of hearing people without T-coil enabled hearing aids.


This version is supplied complete with a set of headphones


  • In Built Speaker
  • Headphone Jack
  • Concentric LEDs level indication
  • Peak Detection
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Tone Control
  • Headphones Included


  • Listening To Loop System
  • Checking The Field Strength Of Loop System

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