UM-502 MP3/SD/USB Player Module for GPA-670BD1 Loudspeaker (Price Excludes VAT)

UM-502 MP3/SD/USB Player Module for GPA-670BD1 Loudspeaker (Price Excludes VAT)

  • £6666

The GPA-670BD1 speaker with built-in amplifier, wireless duo-receiver for use of two microphones simultaneously and rechargeable batteries, can easily be moved from one room to another.

With Bluetooth, autotracking and line in and out for another system, it’s a first class speaker. It’s mountable on tripod or wall and you can also use several speakers to create a better effect.

The wireless microphone system have all devices needed: microphones, receivers, speakers and accessories. With this wide range of options, the system is uniquely flexible and can be easily configured for different applications. It is equally suitable for use in schools, seminars, meetings, places of worship, product demonstrations, aerobics classes and guided tours.

This player module is for the GPA-670BD1 speaker.


  • 40W RMS
  • 1 built-in duo-receiver for use of 2 microphones simultaneously
  • Built-in receiver, amplifier and antenna
  • Digital display (lit when changing channels)
  • To be used with OKAYO wireless transmitters
  • Autotracking
  • Bluetooth
  • Volume and tone control
  • Line out for feeding larger sound system, recording etc.
  • MP3 with USB/SD audio player (accessory)
  • Voice priority
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries (Li-Ion)
  • 4-6 h. usage time
  • Battery indication
  • AC/DC transformer
  • Mountable on tripod and wall (accessory)


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  • Exercise Classes
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