Univox SLS-1 Class D Super Loop System 275m sq         (Price Excludes VAT- In the trade? Contact us)

Univox SLS-1 Class D Super Loop System 275m sq (Price Excludes VAT- In the trade? Contact us)

  • £97640

Class D Super Loop Amplifier Series

The SLS-1 is the smallest in our SLS Class D range with an area coverage figure of 275m2

The SuperLoop Class D Series is a range of digital Superloop amplifiers - They offer the same benefits as our conventional superloop amplifiers, but with additional facilities such as Self Diagnostics, Parametric metal loss control and Remote Monitor Outputs in a smaller, lighter housing with high effeciency low thermal output.

The higher output voltage of the SLS Clas D amplifiers are more suited to meeting the demands of the revised standard IEC 60118-4 2014 and are also capable of driving 2 turn loops as facilitated by the introduction of our dual track 12.5mm copper tape

Features & Benefits

Class D SuperLoop Amplifiers

  • Class D - very high efficiency convection cooled
  • 1U, 19" rack mount (ears Included) No spacing between units required
  • Self Diagnostics buit in
  • Parametric metal loss correction
  • Remote outputs for Monitor Speaker, Input Signal and Output Current
  • 3 inputs including mic, Line and 100V Line
  • Featured in Univox Loop design Software

SuperLoop Technology

  • Ultra-Low spill as standard simplifying the design process & reducing risk of magnetic feedback.
  • Low field strength & frequency response variation throughout listening volume for easy listening.
  • Engineered for simplicity making standard compliant design and installation easy
  • Near 3D coverage to maintain compliant signal with head tilted
  • Low quiescent (standby) current for good economy
  • Proprietary Dual Action AGC 'Always On' technology so you never miss a word
  • 5 year warranty for peace of mind and low cost of ownership.

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