P-Loop2 Flight case open to show integrated room hearing loop amplifier and  FM receiver Module

P-Loop 2D Portable Hearing Loop with 2 FM Headset Microphones (Price Excludes VAT)

  • £2,81781

Portability without compromising performance and intelligibility Univox P-Loop 2.B1 is a portable loop system with an advanced yet compact loop amplifier. The system is designed around a light weight aluminium wheeled flight case containing a built-in induction loop amplifier, a 35m loop wire dispenser with a 15m extension lead for an area coverage of up to 150m2 and a Univox Listener.

Included in this version is 1 FM Head set microphone, 1 FM Hand held microphone and a dual 16 channel diversity receiver. The receiver is preconfigured and does not need to be removed from the case to operate. The built in loop Amplifier is designed and constructed to the same high standard as all our products and features our proprietary Dual Action AGC, (automatic gain control) Aways on Technology, high output current and voltage headroom delivering the clarity of sound for intelligibility that you expect from us.

The system is available with different microphone options, including FM wireless microphones and headsets to suit any application. It is convenient to store, extremely portable taking only a few minutes to deploy or pack yet it does not compromise on performance

It is a practical and affordable alternative to a fixed installation, ideal for conference suites, hotels and other venues with multi-purpose function rooms.


  • Square Area Coverage 150m2
  • Dual action AGC
  • 3 Inputs
  • High Output Current
  • Base and Treble Control
  • Aluminium Roller Flight Case With Telescopic Handle
  • Includes 2 FM Headset Microphones
  • 5 Year Warranty (Loop Amplifier Only)


  • Temporary Venues
  • Venues with Multiple meeting rooms
  • Places of Worship
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Theatres
  • Museums
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Boardrooms

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